Review and download your data from your supplier with a single click.

From your online statement screen, select the invoice and/ or records you would like to export and select “Export All” from the screen. This will export those records to an Excel file for you to review at your convenience.

The file will export as a CSV file. A CSV file is a simple text file that works with Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet programs. Most versions of Excel, including old and new ones, can open CSV files easily. Excel can handle CSV files with different symbols, not just commas, and it can deal with various writing styles.

When you open a CSV file in Excel, a Text Import Wizard may pop up. It’s a tool that helps you set the symbols used in your CSV file, so Excel understands it correctly.

What versions of Excel are supported?

  • All versions of Microsoft Excel, from Excel 97 to the most recent versions, should be able to open and read CSV files. Excel is designed to be compatible with this common and simple text-based format.
  • Microsoft Excel for Mac also supports opening CSV files. The same compatibility principles apply.

Microsoft Excel should be able to open CSV files without issues across various versions, and you can configure the import settings to handle different delimiters and encodings.

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