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Our mission: Connect the world’s accounting departments to help them work better together.

We admit it – we love accounting.

Some of us have been building accounting solutions for over two decades. But even now, there’s lots of room for improvement. In particular, the use of spreadsheets and Outlook or Gmail for coordinating invoicing, payments, and bookkeeping is a cash trap.

With no integration it means data is constantly being manually transcribed between emails and the ERP. With no automation, it means that follow-ups, approval tracking, and exception management is all manual. With no activity management, there’s no visibility into what got done, and it’s hard to control. The horrifically manual and burdensome process slows your cash flow.

Then there is another cash trap called portals.

The growth in customer and vendor portals makes the accounting work worse. Who wants to log into someone else’s software to do someone else’s data entry?

And because each portal is different, that means lots of different procedures, lots of passwords, and lots of tedious work.


We think we have a better way, and we call it Connected Accounting.

Connected Accounting unlocks the power of the Cloud and APIs to:

  • Give you one place to connect with all your vendors and customers.
  • Securely, confidently automate the exchange of information between accounting systems.
  • Let you to use your software of choice and let your vendors and customers use theirs.


Our leadership brings years of experience in SaaS, accounting software, and product design.

Peter Horadan

Chief Executive Officer
previously Avalara, Concur, Scout Analytics, Microsoft

Rosalyn Curato VP Customer Success

Rosalyn Curato

Chief Customer Officer
previously JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs,
Citigroup, Allovue

Matt Shanahan

Chief Strategy Officer
previously Globys, Azuqua, Scout Analytics, Documentum

Chip Greer CMO Lockstep Network

Chip Greer

Chief Commercial Officer
previously Blacksmith Applications,
Microsoft, Epicor

Melissa Hendrick EVP of Marketing at Lockstep

Melissa Hendrick

EVP of Marketing
previously TeamSupport, Yooz, Inc.,
Thomson Reuters, Dealertrack

Bill Henslee

Chief Solution Officer
previously e2b Teknologies, Sage Software, Haitek Solutions

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