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connect the world’s accounting teams to help them work better together.

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About Sage Network

Award-winning Sage Network connects the world’s accounting teams to help them work better together. The pioneer in Connected Accounting, Sage Network develops tools and platforms for fintech developers and accounting teams to automate workflows between the accounting systems that are at the heart of all businesses. For developers, Sage Network API is the easy, modern platform for building fintech applications that work with their customers’ accounting systems. For accounting teams, Sage Network’s applications automate accounts receivable and accounts payable workflows improving efficiency and cash flow. Based in Seattle, Sage Network has won numerous awards including the 2022 BIG Innovation Award and 2021 Top Cash Management Solution by CFO Outlook.

Sage Network Connected Accounting

Every business activity results in the sharing of accounting information. The only way that accountants have to share information today, is to email PDFs back and forth to each other, and open them, read them, and manually enter them into whatever their financial system (ERP) is. There is a better way.

Sage Network transforms how accounting teams work together, creating connected access to invoices and payment platforms, creating a more efficient, connected process. That’s connected accounting.

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