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Automating accounting workflows and efficient management of cash flow are significant pain points for many financial departments. Partnering with award-winning Lockstep means you can help them solve it with a 20X ROI, becoming the hero to your customers.

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We make you look good.

Offering your customers service from the leading provider of finance solutions adds value and enhances your reputation.

We work within your systems.

Integrating with over 40 financial systems, our solutions work seamlessly with a broad range of popular business applications and systems.

We provide robust support.

Our partners have access to dedicated Lockstep teams who provide sales and marketing assistance, training, and technical resources.

Become a Lockstep partner today.

Lockstep integrates into our entire ERP portfolio, which means we can offer our clients an automated AR workflow solution that can help every business we serve, including those clients on legacy platforms. We’re confident that Lockstep meets all our clients’ cash flow needs.”


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Accounts Receivable automation elevates your customer’s payments strategy and reduces DSO by 30%.

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Award-winning Lockstep has received many accolades and press pick-ups since its founding.

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