Over the last two years, Lockstep has seen fantastic growth, both in the number of customers we serve, as well as in the team that brings our mission to life. Award-winning Lockstep® connects the world’s accounting teams to help them work better together. To do this, we need a team that is passionate about connected accounting, our customers, and each other. Lucky for us, we have built a fantastic team that carries this message through to each and every one of our customers. We have built a company and a culture that our team members and investors are proud of.

Culture is Key

For Lockstep, success begins with our culture. For many companies, culture is tied to in-office perks, but as a fully remote organization, our culture is defined by the trust the team has in one another to succeed.

“Everyone here really seems to want to see everyone else here succeed and that’s what speaks volumes about our company culture,” notes a team member. “People follow up with you, and then they see to it that you have everything you need to move forward so your path and project can move forward.”

Great culture shapes growth and health. Goals may change, strategy may change, but culture is who we are. We work hard to make the accounting world a happier, more harmonious place. The team is honest, straight-forward, and because we all have a literal stake in the company, we work together to make the company flourish.

Expanded Benefits

To compete for the best employees, Lockstep has elevated our benefits package for U.S. team members. At the beginning of the year, we launched an Unlimited PTO policy, encouraging our team members to take the time off they need to refresh and recharge. On top of this, Lockstep’s office is closed for nine holidays a year.

Starting in March 2022, Lockstep began covering 100% of employee health care premiums, saving employees an additional $100+ a month. In addition to these benefits, Lockstep continues to embrace remote work, with a 100% virtual team, while also providing equity options at one year of employment, vesting on day one.

At the end of the day, happy and healthy employees are productive employees. Lockstep is positioned to ensure our team thrives for years to come.

Are We Hiring?

Yes. Lockstep is always on the lookout for the best fit talent to join our team. Join the award-winning team, today.

Award-winning Lockstep® connects the world’s accounting teams to help them work better together. The pioneer in Connected Accounting, Lockstep develops tools and platforms for fintech developers and accounting teams to automate workflows between the accounting systems that are at the heart of all businesses.