Halloween is just around the corner! And what better way to celebrate than by dressing up in an accounting-themed costume? We’ll look at some accounting-themed costumes for 2023!

The Office

An oldie but a goodie! Everyone’s favorite group of TV accountants, Kevin, Angela, and Oscar, this famous accounting team is known for dealing with some big office blunders that end up hitting the accounting department hard. Dressing up as one of these three is sure to get some laughs. You can even add in some extra props to really sell the costume, like a pot of “chili” or a cat toy to “save Bandit.” Dressing like your favorite Office accountant will be a surefire way to have a fun Halloween this year!

The Spreadsheet Wizard

Dress as your favorite wizard in a robe adorned with spreadsheets, formulae, and charts. Transform your pen or calculator into a magic wand to solve all of your colleagues’ spreadsheet woes. This is sure to be a hit with your accounting friends and is sure to get some laughs too.

Louis Tully

Who? Rick Moranis’ famous accountant and neighbor turned honorary Ghostbuster is a great choice for an accounting-themed Halloween costume. Go as “normal” Louis in your best ’80s gear, “possessed Louis” to bring in the scare, or “Ghostbuster Louis” to turn your nostalgia meter to 11. No matter which Louis you choose to channel, this is sure to be a fun accounting-themed Halloween costume.

Favorite Famous “Almost Accountant”

Becoming an accountant is no easy feat. Ask legendary rockers, Robert Plant and Mick Jagger, or award-winning actor and comedian, Eddie Izzard. All three performers left school, where they were studying accounting, before venturing into entertainment for fame and fortune. You can dress up as any of these three accounting “dropouts” for a fun and famous accounting-themed Halloween costume.

“They were accountants?”

Stump your friends and coworkers to guess which ‘famous tv accountant’ you are when you decide to dress like one of these forgotten accountants. Norm from “Cheers.” Loveable, affable, everybody’s favorite regular, Norm was an accountant. Not feeling like a Norm? Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec is another great choice. Ben Wyatt, the failed teen mayor turned accountant, is known to crack a few accounting puns throughout the series and is a huge hit with the guys from the local accounting firm. Not a comedy fan? Skylar White might be a better accounting famous tv character for you. The money-laundering accountant from “Breaking Bad” is sure to make a statement at your Halloween party.

Financial Fairy

Grab your tiara and tu-tu and decorate with numbers, financial symbols, and more! Add in a wand that looks like a stock market ticker to tie together the ensamble!

Honorable Mentions

Not a fan of the above? Some classic accounting costumes never go out of style.

Nerd – grab your pocket protector and taped-up glasses for this classic look. Or be punny and dress like the retro candy “nerd” box.

Calculator – You use it every day and it is an easy accounting costume to create. Simply cut out some construction paper for the buttons and attach it to your shirt. Voila, Halloween costume for an accountant.

Money – simple, classic, and to the point. Be a little more abstract with this accounting costume by dressing all in green or gold. You could even go to a piggy bank or a human ATM

An Old-Timey Accountant – This is a great costume if you want to go for a more classic accounting look. Dress up like an old-timey accountant complete with a green eyeshade, suspenders, and a pocket protector. You can even add in a fake mustache for an extra touch. This is sure to be a hit with your accounting friends and is sure to get some laughs too.

Scrooge – What would Halloween be without a little bit of Dickens? Dress up as the famous accounting Scrooge from “A Christmas Carol.” You can even add in some extra accessories, like a money bag or a “ghost of accounting past” to really sell the costume. Add a duck mask and go as “Scrooge McDuck!” Either one is sure to be a hit with your accounting friends and get some laughs too.

There’s no better time to start thinking about your accounting-themed Halloween costume for this year. Get creative and have some fun with it! Your accounting-themed Halloween costume ideas are sure to be a hit this year.