Accounting Self-Service Live for Customers and Vendors

Receiving more requests for invoices and documents from customers more frequently? Are vendors asking you for more documents, more often? Do you spend more time managing disputes and organizing customer communications? Is providing a superior customer experience every step along the way a priority? Great news! The Lockstep Suite now has enabled a self-service tool for customers and vendors to access key documents.  

Introducing Lockstep Self-Service, the first free accounting portal to improve your customer and vendor experience and streamline access to key documents. Synced directly with your accounting data, Self-Service provides a secure platform where customers and vendors can review, download, and export key documents, like bills, invoices, and payment records. This eliminates the need for your staff to deal with tedious paperwork and provides customers and vendors the convenience of having a self-service portal with the convenience of having a self-service portal for accessing their documents and transaction details. Your customers and vendors can access their own account-level data to see invoices, documents, and transactions in real time. 

In addition, Lockstep Self-Service allows you, your customers, and vendors to close and reconcile your books more quickly. This reduces the amount of time spent on menial accounting tasks, freeing up staff members’ time to focus on collections and processing and making payments. Lockstep Self-Service’s comprehensive audit trail also ensures accuracy and accountability, which is essential for today’s small and medium-sized businesses.  

The latest in Lockstep’s Suite of Products, Lockstep Self-Service Provides: 

Streamlined Processes

By providing customers access to their invoices and documents, it eliminates the need for accounting teams to manually collect, track and send out each request. 

Improved Efficiency

Accounting teams can focus less on day-to-day transaction management and more on delivering a superior customer experience. 

Enhanced Visibility

Customers and vendors now have direct access to their own accounts, giving them more visibility and control over the entire process. 

Increased Customer (and Vendor) Satisfaction

Customers and vendors are able to quickly and easily access their documents, reducing the time they wait for a response from accounting teams. This in turn increases customer satisfaction with you.  

Key Features include:  

  • Statement View: Access open invoices and bills in real-time, removing obstacles from your accounting and period-end processes.  
  • Invoice Details: Provide customers easy access to data and documents at the click a of button, in a single application, saving time and eliminating customer frustration from your AR workflows.  
  • Document Downloads: Save time and accelerate time to pay by providing a secure portal for customers to download invoice and billing documentation with 24/7 access.   
  • Bill Details: Provide vendors easy access to core data and documents at the click a of button in a single application, saving time and eliminating vendor frustrations from your AP workflows. 
  • Free: Stand out from your competitors and provide an enhanced customer and vendor experience, for free.  
  • Export to Excel: Save time and improve efficiency by providing a secure portal for vendors and customers to access and export important transaction details to Excel at anytime from anywhere.  
  • Payment and Application Detail: Close your books faster by eliminating stop gaps and bottlenecks in your accounting workflows.  

Lockstep Self-Service is the perfect solution to streamline your operations and deliver a superior customer experience. With this new self-service tool, your customers and vendors have more control over their documents and records, making it easier for them to get the information they need quickly and efficiently. Lockstep will be adding payments capabilities within Lockstep Self-Service in the next few months.

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