It is always a good idea to use an invoice template with automated AR and credit software. An invoice template saves time and reduces invoice errors and omissions which can delay payment. Information from an invoice template can also be programmed to automatically update financial and operational records further streamlining information flow.

The best invoice template to use is one which can be customized to fit your business needs. NetSuite’s Advanced PDF Templates provides users with the ability to develop custom records including invoice templates. If you are using AR with NetSuite or considering a seamless integration of your AR with NetSuite’s ERP platform, here are some features and benefits of using NetSuite’s Advanced PDF template to create an invoice template(s).


A one size fits all invoice template is not usually a good solution for most businesses. With NetSuite you can customize an invoice template(s) to fit your business model. Are you in a manufacturing, distribution or service business? You can develop an invoice template(s) to fit one or all of these business models. Do you sell direct or through sales reps and distributors? You can select options on NetSuite’s template to apply the correct discounts and commissions and calculate gross margin on sales.

With customization you can use the NetSuite invoice template features you need and not select the features you don’t need. An extensive list of options is available to companies that need them including: foreign currency, deferred revenue, shipping details and sales discounts and commissions. Capabilities such as reference to fields, sub-lists and many other features are there if you need them.


Key information on the invoice template is presented clearly and prominently. The invoice template makes it easy for your customer to pick out key information such as your company name and address, invoice total, due date, payment terms, shipping terms, online payment options and cash discounts for early payment. Invoices that are easy to read and error free will be processed for payment faster.


Features which can accelerate cash flow can be included on an invoice template. A hyper-link for online payment connected to a secure payment portal for credit card, ACH and ETF payments can be added. A cash discount option can be included for early payment. Online payment options and cash discounts for early payment can reduce accounts receivable and accelerate cash flow.

A customized invoice template(s) which fits your business model can help make your invoice easy to read and error free. NetSuite’s Advanced PDF template provides AR users with the ability to customize invoice templates which help to reduce AR and accelerate cash flow.

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