Offering online bill pay to your customers is always a good idea, but with NetSuite online bill pay is even better. NetSuite offers integrated, seamless solutions that process transactions from invoicing, AR and cash collection through accounting.


Make it easy for your customer to do business with you. With NetSuite online bill pay you can offer your customers multiple payment options including:

  • Credit cards
  • Automated Clearing House payments (ACH)
  • Electronic Funds Transfer payments (EFT)

Adding a hyper-link to your invoice template which is connected to a secured payment portal makes it easy for your customer to pay online.

Aside from convenience, these options enable your customer to save time and money by not having to cut and mail a check.


Processing manual credit card payments for sales orders, phone orders or internet orders can be handled directly through NetSuite simplifying card authorization and card-not-present requirements. This is a great hassle free way to save time.


Online bill pay helps to improve cash flow by expediting payments. It eliminates check processing and mailing time which can take weeks. When you have to make a collection call it also eliminates an excuse for the customer to delay payment further.


With NetSuite online bill pay, a single system and a single set of records ties sales orders, internet orders, phone orders and cash sales to customer payments reducing reconciliation time and effort. Systems which are not seamlessly integrated can be a huge time suck and lead to unreconciled differences and audit problems.


Payment processing on NetSuite can be set up across multiple organizations, regions and currencies increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Many companies have complex business structures which can potentially benefit from a single, integrated system. The ability to handle foreign currencies is essential to companies doing business internationally.

Online bill pay on NetSuite makes doing business easy for your customer and you. It reduces costs and payment delays. The whole transaction cycle from invoicing through recording payments is captured on one system. It handles multiple organizations, regions and currencies. And, very importantly online bill pay improves your cash flow, and allows you to focus on credit and collection instead of clerical tasks.

Automated accounts receivable, credit and collection software, which can be seamlessly integrated with NetSuite, is available from Lockstep Collect, the leader in cloud-based software solutions, made specifically for businesses selling on credit terms. Lockstep Collect’s software is a “Built for NetSuite” application, which meets NetSuite’s “Suite Cloud” platform development standards and best practices.

If your firm would like to learn how you can automate your accounts receivable, credit and collection software, and integrate it with NetSuite’s ERP platform, please contact Lockstep Collect at