AR and AP automation for
any accounting software.

Sage Network manages and automates all of your receivables and payables workflows in one place.

Integrates with

Modernizing Your Accounting

Sage Network accelerates your receivables and payables to save you time and increase your working capital.

AR Automation

Get paid faster and easier with Sage’s advanced accounts receivable automation solution to manage all your customer collections.

  • 30%+ reduction in DSO.
  • 3X increase in team productivity.
  • 30%+ increase in cash flow.

Sage Inbox

Save one day a week with the first shared email inbox designed for accounting to manage and automate customer and vendor workflows

  • 20%+ time savings.
  • Eliminate the hassle of four apps. Manage your AR and AP workflows in one place.
  • Connects your accounting and email software.

Self Service

Give customers and vendors real-time access to reconcile statements, download invoices, and view transaction history directly from your accounting system.

  • Fewer friction points means faster response times.
  • Accelerate time-to-pay with 24/7 access to accounting documents and data.
  • Access real-time user and payment data.

Sage Network API

Accelerate your time to market, maximize your revenue and optimize your margins with Sage Network’s finance and accounting API platform.

  • Maximize your addressable market.
  • Optimize your gross margins.
  • Grow faster and lower acquisition.

Designed with love by accounting professionals for accounting professionals.

As a small agency I am constantly managing dozens of concurrent workflows, often spending several hours on invoicing each month. Lockstep Inbox not only saves me time, it also allows me to track and manage communication streams with each of my clients. As a business owner, being able to streamline my processes through Lockstep Inbox is invaluable.

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