Whether you are using a manual AR system or an automated AR system that is not integrated with NetSuite; when you convert to NetSuite you will probably need to adapt your AR process to attain the full benefit of the AR features available on NetSuite. Here are some suggestions which will help you to perfect your AR process on NetSuite.


Let go of the manual aides and work arounds you use to make your AR system work, and embrace the automated features available on NetSuite. You won’t miss the sticky notes all over your work area, the piles of computer printouts, or the excel spreadsheets needed to fill the gaps in your present system. NetSuite’s automated AR process will save you time and help you to achieve your goals more efficiently. It will make your job less tedious and more rewarding.


NetSuite offers 23 video tutorials under “Using Accounts Receivable”. Invest a few minutes upfront to learn how to best use the AR features. It will probably save you time and frustration compared to trying to navigate the system features on your own. The insights you learn from the tutorials will help you to perfect your AR process on NetSuite faster.


Use the NetSuite Home Dashboard to report and track the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) you use to manage AR. The Dashboard can also be used to identify the source of the results, making it easier for you to pinpoint the customers requiring the most attention. Offline excel spreadsheets and reports will become a thing of the past when you learn how to perfect the use of the Dashboard.


Learn how to maximize the use of online notes to keep track of actions and conversations on past due AR, credit limits, customer disputes and other matters you need to know to successfully manage your AR. Having the history of an account at your fingertips when you need to contact a customer, sales rep or internal personnel can help expedite customer disputes, collection actions and internal operational problems. Perfecting the use of online notes can save you time and make your job less of a hassle. You won’t need all those hand written notes in customer files to remember what needs to be done.


Use automated reminders instead of sticky notes to alert you when action is required on an account. They can also be used to send email reminders, copies of invoices and statements and collection letters to past due accounts. You will be able to spend more time productively managing AR.


You can stop making copies of documents and mailing them to customers, sales reps, internal personnel, financial institutions and lawyers when you perfect the use of work flow. It makes it much easier to facilitate the receipt and distribution of electronic copies of documents. You can spend more time on accounts receivable management instead of shuffling paperwork.

Perfecting the AR process on NetSuite will help you to save time, achieve your goals and have a more rewarding job. Following these suggestions and other insights on NetSuite’s AR tutorials will help you to accomplish this goal.

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