The rapid growth of the “gig” economy, with freelancers working on contract from remote locations, has been made possible by cloud-based, software-as-a-service applications (“SaaS”). Freelance contractors can work from virtually anywhere, where they can access the internet to log onto cloud-based software applications. Tech companies and businesses in many other industries are now using SaaS software applications ranging from application specific software packages for accounts receivable, credit and collections to fully integrated ERP platforms.

The wide acceptance and success of the movement to cloud-based SaaS software applications by tech companies has fueled a paradigm shift in hiring practices in the tech and other industries. Tech companies are increasingly hiring freelance contractors in remote locations. Some of the reasons for this shift include:

  • Availability of subscription terms for SaaS applications
  • Ease of using seamlessly integrated SaaS applications
  • Wider talent pool than may be available locally
  • Expanded hours of operation with remote locations in other time zones
  • Desire of existing employees to have option to work remotely
  • Ability to staff up quickly for new projects or business opportunities
  • Flexibility to reduce staffing and costs as business requires

SaaS applications for accounts receivable, credit and collections is a perfect example of how a tech company can benefit from using remote workers.


The remote workers you hire for accounts receivable, credit and collection simply log onto the applications they are authorized to use. The SaaS applications can be seamlessly integrated upstream and downstream with your company’s ERP and financial reporting systems, and third party partners such as credit card processors and fintech companies.


As long as credit and collection personnel you hire have the necessary hardware and access to a reliable and robust internet connection you can have workers virtually anywhere. You can reach other time zones and countries.

If you are headquartered on the East Coast in the United States, you could have remote credit and collection workers on the West Coast to service regional accounts after your HQ closes for the day. Online payments could be processed through credit card and fintech companies by remote workers for any number of hours daily.

Subscription applications for services you sell on contract could be operated around the clock.

Credit research and write ups could be done in lower cost foreign locations overnight.

Collection workers in remote locations could be ramped up or down based on business requirements.


Software support resources and software updates from your cloud-based provider can keep your remote workers operating smoothly.

If you are considering joining the growing number of companies hiring remote workers you need to partner with an experienced software provider that can help you with SaaS applications which can be seamlessly integrated with your ERP and financial reporting system, and support use by remote workers.

Accounts receivable, credit and collection SaaS applications which can be used by remote workers are available from Lockstep Collect, a leader in cloud-based and premise-based software solutions made specifically for businesses selling on credit.

If you would like to learn more about how you can use SaaS applications and remote workers to run your accounts receivable, credit and collection operations, please contact Lockstep Collect at