The latest product enhancements to the Sage Network will change the way you manage your accounting workflows! In this post, we’ll dive into our newly introduced features, including enhancements to your templates and settings that will take your productivity to the next level. Explore how these enhancements will transform your accounting workflows to achieve more with Sage Network.

Enhanced Templates, Signatures and More!

One of our most frequently requested features is here! Sage Network users now have the ability to add logos, images, and links within signature settings. Enabling this enhancement means that your emails have:

  • Increased Personalization: Make your emails truly yours with a unique signature that reflects your brand.
  • Enhanced Professionalism and Branding: Logos and images can give your emails a more professional look, building credibility with recipients.
  • Easy Recognition: If your logo is well-known, it can make your emails instantly recognizable to recipients.

How do I Update my Signature?

To update your signature settings, simply click on the gear icon (⚙️) and navigate to “Signature Settings.” Here you can copy and paste your signature or attach an image or logo using the paperclip (attachment) icon.

To delight your customers and suppliers even further, we’ve made it easier for you to update your templates to make it easier to start saving time and customize your Sage Network Experience.

Export Your Records!

Accessing your records should be easy and painless. That’s why our latest update is all about making it effortless for you. You can now export files of any size right from your profile. Even if they’re large, you can continue your work while the download happens quietly in the background. Plus, you’re not limited to exporting one file at a time, downloading multiple files simultaneously. Work smarter, faster, and with greater ease with Sage Network.

Not using Sage Network? Getting started is easy and will save you time and get you paid faster!