The Sage 500 ERP software platform was first released in the late 1990’s. It has many loyal, satisfied users. However, like any software application package that is about 20 years old, changes in technology have presented Sage 500 users with the challenge of finding ways to take advantage of current technology without making a major investment to upgrade to the next generation ERP platform.

One area where new technology offers a desirable alternative is “cloud-based” computing. When Sage 500 was developed 20 years ago, the technology for “cloud-based” software applications had not been developed, and Sage 500 was written as a premises-based software package. With the dramatic growth and acceptance of cloud-based computing many software packages are now available as cloud-based applications. Sage 500 users could benefit greatly if they were able to convert to cloud-based applications.

If your company uses the Sage 500 ERP software platform for many of its applications, but you are still running a manual accounts receivable system, converting to an accounts receivable software package available as a cloud-based application, would allow you to take Sage 500 “into the cloud.” With this strategy you benefit in two ways: first from the accounts receivable automation, and second from being able to take advantage of cloud computing to run an accounts receivable application fully integrated with Sage 500.

With a cloud-based accounts receivable software package fully integrated with Sage 500, you can take advantage of a number of the benefits available in cloud computing including:

  • Access form your location or remote locations
  • Flexibility to use remote workers
  • Availability of subscription contracts reducing up-front costs
  • Easy log on, reliable service and robust computing capability
  • Faster response times
  • Smooth interfaces and update of integrated modules

In addition to the benefits of cloud computing, automated accounts receivable can help to improve accounts receivable, credit and collection by:

  • Automating invoicing and reducing invoicing errors
  • Speeding up credit decisions
  • Helping to resolve invoice disputes
  • Providing self-service online payment options
  • Increasing customer contact with automated reminders
  • Freeing up collection personnel to increase customer contact
  • Integrating accounts receivable software with ERP and financial software
  • Facilitating communications with internal and external resources and stake holders

Automating accounts receivable with a cloud-based software application can provide you the many benefits of AR automation, and a unique opportunity to take Sage 500 “into the cloud.”

Cloud-based accounts receivable software, which can be seamlessly integrated with Sage 500, is available from Lockstep Collect, a Sage software partner with the experience and resources to help you achieve a successful conversion and provide ongoing software support.

If you would like to learn more about how you can take Sage 500 “into the cloud”, please contact Lockstep Collect at