Over 20 New Email Templates to Save You Time

Lockstep Inbox has seen some fantastic updates since launching in May. It’s been a great success so far, and we’ve received quite a lot of positive feedback from users. One of our most popular recent additions to the free shared inbox platform is our pre-populated templates.

Since its launch, Lockstep Inbox has added 12 new accounts receivable (AR) templates and 12 new accounts payable (AP) templates, respectively.  With over 20 new email templates, Lockstep Inbox saves users even more time by pre-populating emails, pulling in specific details relating to invoices and payments data, streamlining communications to customers and vendors.

With these new templates for AR and AP teams, your organization can save over 10 hours a week responding to emails and crafting follow-ups and payment reminders. This huge time saving can create a big impact on your accounting and finance team workflow.

At Lockstep, our accounting team “walks the walk” and “drinks our own champagne,” meaning we have enabled our accounting team to use Lockstep Inbox for their AR and AP workflows.

With Lockstep Inbox, I can see which customers are past due and see when the last time I contacted them was with a click of my mouse,” notes Lockstep Senior Staff Accountant, Jennifer Bailey. “With the data Inbox provides and the ease of the new templates, I can send reminders to overdue clients in seconds.”

For accounts receivable , some of the new templates include: Invoice Copy, Invoice Past Due Reminder, Invoice Second Reminder, W9 Form Request, and Payment Confirmation.

For accounts payable, some of the new templates include: Copy of Bill, Action Required for Bill, Request for W9, and Bill Payment Scheduled .

How does it work?

Accessing the templates is easy. Let’s say your AR aging report notes you have three customers who are 7+ days overdue.

  • Simply select the “invoices” section,
  • Find the invoice in question
  • Click on the invoice you would like to send a past due reminder about.
  • Select “New Activity Stream”
  • Select “New Email” and an email dialog box will appear with each of your predetermined contacts for that customer in the “To” line.

You will have options available under the “Subject” dropdown menu and by selecting one of these, “Invoice(s) Past Due Reminder,” for example. The email copy will auto-populate with a message, pulling in the needed details from the invoice to expedite payment. Of course, if these templates don’t fit the message you are trying to send, you can craft your own message.

Because they are so easy to use, I am reaching out to customers much sooner, and we are getting paid quicker,” notes Bailey.

Similarly, on the AP side of Inbox, you can select “Payments” or “Bills” and use the templates here in a snap.

For each section across AR and AP, there are different templates to help streamline your accounting workflows. And once you send that email, a note that the email has sent will auto-populate under “Related Activity Streams” in your customer / vendor notes section. This way everyone who has access to your Lockstep Inbox account can see what activities were done, when, and by whom – eliminating the need for tracking spreadsheets.

Saving you an average of three minutes per email, this accounts for a total of over ten hours saved per week – that’s an extra day, plus, that your team can use to focus on other priorities! That’s a huge time savings, and it’s all thanks to the streamlined process that Lockstep Inbox provides. So, if you’re not using the Lockstep Inbox yet, now is the time to sign up and start reaping the benefits of over 20 new email templates.

About Lockstep Inbox

The world’s first ever shared inbox, designed exclusively for accounting and finance teams, Lockstep Inbox creates an online workspace, providing one tool for the accounting team to work together, manage shared activities, and directly connect with customers and vendors. Lockstep Inbox can automatically organize emails and documents by subject and issue for specific vendors, customers, and transactions. This vastly improves efficiency, while integrating directly with your existing accounting system. Lockstep Inbox allows for communications to be automatically composed and addressed saving you massive amounts of time to focus on more value add and less manual intensive activities.

Starting with Lockstep Inbox is easy as 1-2-3. Check out our handy guide showing how getting started with the always free, Lockstep Inbox is a breeze.