Lockstep Inbox creates an online workspace so there’s one place for your accounting team to work together, manage shared activities, and directly connect with customers and vendors. Lockstep Inbox automatically organizes emails and documents by subject and issue for specific vendors, customers, and transactions. This vastly improves efficiency in terms of managing your existing workflows, while integrating directly with your accounting system or ERP of choice. More importantly, Lockstep Inbox allows for communications to be automatically composed and addressed, saving massive amounts of time in working with customer and vendors.

But how do you create your Lockstep Inbox account? Easy as 1-2-3. And free forever. 

1. Set Up Your Free Lockstep Inbox Account

The first thing you need to do is sign up for your free Lockstep Inbox account. Visiting the Lockstep Inbox page, you simply click “Get Started for Free!” or simply click here.

To sign up, all you need is your company name, your email address, and
to set a password. Once you enter these details, you should receive an email with a code to confirm your account.

Is It Really Free?

Lockstep believes that accounting teams have been ignored for far too long by software companies, especially in terms of collaboration tools. We developed Lockstep Inbox with a free subscription plan because we want to remove access barriers for accounting teams and make their work easier and more fulfilling. The core Inbox functions available today are free for teams of all sizes and always will be.

2. Schedule Concierge Onboarding

You will be prompted to schedule a concierge onboarding session with a Lockstep Inbox product specialist. In this call, you will have a personalized walkthrough of Lockstep Inbox, and learn how to set up and connect your AR and AP emails and your ERP through the Lockstep Inbox workspace.

This quick and easy process is where you can get all of your core questions answered. While you wait, you can peek around the environment and even test out some sample examples.

3. Your Lockstep Inbox is Ready

Now, you are up and running to connect and manage your AR and AP email workflows through the Lockstep Inbox workspace.

Get more accounting done with less stress and effort with Lockstep Inbox, our free shared accounting inbox that will help you connect with the customers and vendors faster.