Do's and Don't of Accounting

We’ve talked to lots of accounting departments and surveyed countless more, and they all had something in common: most of their work is managed in their personal email inboxes.  When we asked would they like a better solution, 100% responded with yes.  When we asked why, we heard the lack of workflow, automation, and search made AR and AP hard to manage.

So we made Lockstep. 

Today, Lockstep is an collaborative application that makes it easier and faster to work with vendors, customers, and other departments.  We like to think Lockstep brings superpowers to AR and AP professionals.  We also want to build software that people really want to use.  So, Lockstep lets an accounting department get more done; crush SLAs; and enjoy doing it!  

If you want something better than Outlook or Gmail for your accounting processes, try Lockstep.  If you have ideas that you’d like to share, contact us!  Help us give accounting departments superpowers.