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Let’s collaborate on a webinar for your customers to generate demand for Lockstep Collect. We recently conducted a benchmark analysis and held multiple community discussions with accounts receivable leaders to find how they have been affected by the “new normal” of working remote. Our team will do all the heavy lifting, all you need to do is invite your customers to join us.

Feature Highlight: Telephony Integration

Are your customers now using personal mobile phones for their collections? Lockstep Collect integrates with corporate phone systems making it easier and more secure for accounts receivable teams to communicate with customers. Telephony integration makes it possible for your AR teams to delight their customers, scale collections, and work remotely. The core capabilities of telephony integration are a customizable integrated voice response system (IVR), auto-dialing, and transcription. The IVR lets customers access their account information, connect with their assigned collector and receive automated updates.

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