Accounting professionals rely on QuickBooks Online to keep their finances in order. But Lockstep Inbox takes things a step further: it’s the only shared inbox specifically tailored for accountants. Connected seamlessly with both Outlook and QBO, this groundbreaking solution streamlines accounting workflows – ensuring data accuracy and enhancing productivity like never before!

In other words, Lockstep Inbox makes QuickBooks more powerful by streamlining accounting workflows and making it easier to get things done.  This innovative system enhances bookkeeping efficiency, ensuring a satisfied customer experience, every time.

QuickBooks is among the most popular small business accounting solutions, and now with Lockstep Inbox, the experience is even more rewarding. Enjoy a secure and collaborative inbox that integrates perfectly with QuickBooks online to bring your accounting process to life. No more dropped threads or vague paper trails; with Lockstep Inbox you can easily manage account activity workflows in real time so you never miss an update or skip a beat. Streamline your business today and unlock the power of collaboration with Lockstep Inbox.

Lockstep Inbox takes the complexity out of managing a busy accounting email workflow, helping you to stay on top of all the activities coming in. With automated sorting and categorizing capabilities based on customer, vendor or what’s next – Lockstep Inbox is an easy way for anyone to streamline their process with minimal effort. Save time by letting it take care of organizing emails so that you can focus your attention elsewhere.

With Lockstep Inbox’s powerful search function, the days of sifting through endless emails and bookmarks are over. Instantly access the information you need at any time with the revolutionary shared inbox for accounting that is specifically designed to integrate your QuickBooks Online and Outlook experience. Get rid of those frustrating workflow bottlenecks and get back to running your business—with efficient ease.

Imagine being able to access your accounting emails from anywhere you go. With Lockstep Inbox, that’s exactly the convenience you get. The shared inbox is designed specifically for the accounting industry and comes with seamless integration with QuickBooks Online and your preferred email client. That means less time wasted trying to get your email systems to talk to each other and more time spent on running your business. And because Lockstep Inbox is integrated into QuickBooks Online, all of your accounting emails are organized in one place – making it easy to find the information you need, when you need it. Best of all, you can access your accounting inbox from anywhere – whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

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