Managing today’s accounting email inboxes with limited collaboration capabilities means teams are using Slack, Teams, productivity tools, phone calls, IMs, and smoke signals to close the books. Collaboration is impossible using out of box email platforms and trying to figure out the slightest advanced function requires IT support and a master’s degree in Googling.

Email as the central communication tool for businesses is likely here to stay, but man, oh man is it broken. Especially for accounting teams. That said, for your reading pleasure, we’ve done the heavy lifting and gathered ten of the top ways email is making your accounting team see red instead of green.

Challenge Number 6: The other kind of Search.

Email platforms today appear to be straightforward, but even “simple” modifications seemingly require a coder’s toolbox. Whether you are updating your signature, adding tasks and a to-do list, or “just” wanting to see your calendar can be a challenge. Many accounting teams need Google, YouTube, and their IT helpdesk to set up their preferred inbox view. And then, from time-to-time, it resets randomly and without cause OR WARNING, resulting in the spiral of YouTube tutorials and Google-fu to reset your preferences.

Traveling down the internet rabbit hole and having to go through several steps and menus to do anything is a time-consuming chore. It’s a headache and hassle that should be simple, but it’s not. It’s like it was designed to make accountants’ lives difficult.

Manual accounting processes are inefficient. Relying on Google and YouTube for guidance to make email more accounting friendly only creates more time sucks. By only using these manual processes, accounting workflows can’t scale. Email being disconnected to the ERP means you are out of luck if something is set in the wrong folder or accidentally deleted. There’s a better way to manage accounts receivable (AR).

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