The greatest feature of using phone call management is having the ability to record collection calls. Possessing a recording of your phone conversations has a wealth of benefits for the accounts receivable department, such as transparency or eliminating excuses for non-payment. Further, it holds the collection representative accountable for their professionalism, as well as the customer. Recording collection calls in accounts receivable only makes collecting easier and more efficient.Below are a few benefits of using a phone call management system that records conversations for the accounts receivable process.

  • When you are recording accounts receivable conversations with customers, and the customer is aware they are being recorded, it is a lot harder to come up with excuses or agree to something they know they won’t follow up on. If that same customer doesn’t follow up on their payment agreement, you then have a verbal agreement from them recording which makes it more difficult for them to back out on. Which brings us to our next benefit.

  • When everything is recorded there is accountability on both the side of the customer and the collection representative. If a customer promises to pay by a certain date, you have that recorded and saved for future reference and hold that customer accountable with the recording. This is especially helpful in situations where the debt is taken to court. The collection representative is also held accountable for how they handle situations with customers. If a customer complains because they claim the collection representative was rude to them, you now know for sure instead of a “he said, she said” situation.

  • Recording collection calls creates transparency in the department. This will allow managers to check and see what practices the collection representatives are using and how they can approve. It allows the sales department to check in when a customer reports a discrepancy in payment. All of these scenarios allows for an easier order to cash cycle and a more efficient accounts receivable department.

Recording collection calls using a phone call management system is an easy thing to do, and brings about great results. With a phone call management system, you’re able to record every phone call without even pressing a button. It simply records every call made to and from the accounts receivable number. Without any extra effort, the accounts receivable department becomes more transparent, more accountable and eliminates any excuses or broken promises to pay from customers.