We’re excited to share the latest update to Lockstep Inbox, which includes enhanced search functionality. With these updates, you will have an improved Lockstep Inbox experience. You will be able to quickly and easily find the information you need, thanks to the improved search capabilities, which provide more relevant results in a fraction of the time. Lockstep Inbox is even easier to use and navigate. Check out these new features for yourself, for free.

Global Search Enhancements

Accounting teams are continually finding new ways to streamline their operations and maximize efficiency. Trying to find the right information in your accounting emails can be time-consuming and tedious. That’s why Lockstep Inbox is supercharging search, making it easier than ever for accounting teams to access vital data! With a single query you’ll have immediate insight into transactions, contacts, notes – whatever relevant info you need from any email in your AR or AP workflows. Easily locate invoices, customers and vendors from a single platform – no more tedious scouring through multiple systems or documents to discover the information you’re looking for.

Efficient search capability makes it easier than ever for accounting teams to parse through large amounts of data, freeing up more time and reducing the amount of effort required for a successful outcome. Unlock more of your productivity potential with Lockstep Inbox’s latest update! Finding the information, you need has never been easier, as optimized results will ensure that you get the most relevant data with every query. Stop wasting time scrolling through endless possibilities and start achieving better results with this new addition to Lockstep Inbox.

Users now have powerful search filters to quickly find critical documents, contacts, and data in AR or AP workflows – making processes more efficient while eliminating user hassle. Our optimized results provide you with more efficient ways of finding what you’re looking for faster. Navigation is more intuitive, so users can find content more quickly and easily than before.

In addition to the added filters, we’ve added an advanced search results screen, allowing you to find the document(s), correspondence, and activities related to your query, quickly. And, use Search to quickly locate past emails or look up customer orders in a few clicks. Lockstep Inbox’s new search features make it easier than ever to stay productive and organized.

With the new updates on Lockstep Inbox, discovering search results has become a breeze. Utilize the enhanced search features and you’ll be able to quickly locate information that you need. By searching smarter with keywords and phrases, you’ll receive more relevant results that are suited just for you. Try experimenting with filters such as date or size to refine your searches and get exactly what matches your needs. With the new tools available to you at Lockstep Inbox, finding what you’re looking for is easier than ever!

Marking an Activity Stream as SPAM

SPAM filters are an integral part of activity management, keeping unwanted content from our inboxes. Going a step further, identifying SPAM can also lead to enhanced security for email users. Inbox is dedicated to making your life a bit easier. It will intelligently recognize and flag spam emails, allowing you to focus only on the important messages without wasting time manually weeding out unwanted communication. With this update, email users everywhere can rest assured that their inboxes are safe and secure.

Improved In-application Support

With improved in-application support capabilities, Lockstep Inbox customers can now quickly and easily report any issues they have directly to our team. This new feature makes it easier than ever to receive timely assistance, allowing customers to find a resolution faster and more efficiently. By providing direct access to our team of experts, customers are guaranteed a response that is tailored just for them in an expedited manner.

Having a direct line of communication also means that our team can better understand customer needs, enabling us to cater to your issues even more effectively. We are committed to delivering the best service possible and this new feature helps us ensure that we’re able to do so by providing up-to-date feedback from our customers. This update reflects our commitment towards delivering top-notch customer service, helping ensure that all our users get the help they need without delay.

We are dedicated to making sure our customers have the best experience possible with Lockstep Inbox. With these new enhancements, we hope that users can take advantage of all the features available to them and find what they’re looking for quickly and easily. From improved search filters to advanced SPAM protection, Lockstep Inbox is here to make your life easier – allowing you more time for other tasks or simply just enjoy a stress-free digital experience! Get early access to Lockstep Inbox now.