Dedicated to creating an enhanced user experience, combined with our desire to create easier workflows for accounting teams, we’ve made several enhancements to Lockstep Inbox in recent weeks. In addition to enhanced performance and loading times, we’ve made some big changes to the user interface to streamline accounting workflows, saving teams time to get paid faster.

More User-Friendly Experience

The team has updated the look and feel of several of the in-application pages within Lockstep Inbox to enhance your experience. Improved pages include the Connections, Transactions, and Global Search pages, which are now even more focused on improving your access to data, navigating Inbox, and improving your productivity. 

The smoother interface, sort, and search functions allow users to work faster and more efficiently within the Inbox. Our improved Global Search ensures that you can quickly and easily find the exact information you need in a few clicks and the improved experience allows you to sort, find, and take actions easier and quicker within Inbox.

Inbox just got better! To help you get to the tasks that matter, without having to hunt around for them – we’ve cleared out the dashboard. Now when you log into your Inbox, those outstanding activities will be top of mind on one easy-to-view screen.

Work Faster with the New Navigation

To improve your experience and help you find the correct connections and next best action faster, we’ve improved the left and header navigations. These updated navigation tools allow you to find the information you need to navigate the application faster.

The new left navigation is designed to improve the user experience by making it easier for users to find the information they need and navigate the application. The new left navigation allows you to more easily choose between your needed workspace (accounts receivable, accounts payable, or the accounting workspace) as well as find the next best activity for you to take within that workspace. These updates are to help you work faster and navigate your activities and communications better.

Lockstep Inbox is also getting an exciting visual upgrade in the form of a new and improved Header. This improved view, makes it easier for Users to find all the important information they need quickly, without having to navigate through multiple menus or screens – improving efficiency for those who depend on making fast decisions within their networks! 

Preview Attachments in Your Browser

We heard you loud and clear. With the latest enhancement to Lockstep Inbox, users can preview attachments from emails without needing to download them first. This oft-requested feature saves users time so you can find the right documents easier and faster.

The updates to Inbox are designed to make life easier for accounting departments by streamlining their processes and accelerating workflows, enabling teams to be more productive with less effort. With Inbox, teams can now find the data they need faster, optimize their processes to get paid faster, and quickly connect with customers and vendors.

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