If you’re like most accounting teams, you spend a lot of time managing approvals. Whether it’s AR or AP approvals, getting the right documents and signatures can be a tedious process. That’s why Lockstep Inbox’s latest feature is so important. With our new approvals feature, you can quickly route approvals to the appropriate person within your organization, invoice approval, payment authorization, and more. This will be a time-saver and prevent future headaches, making your job a lot easier!

The approval process for accounting teams today can be a pain. AR and AP teams have to manage many different approvals, each with its own unique set of documents and signatures. This can be a time-consuming and frustrating process.

With Lockstep Inbox, you can quickly route approvals to the appropriate person within your organization, authorizing payment, invoice release, and more. This will save you time and prevent frustration down the road. This makes it straightforward so you can get your work done quickly and efficiently.

The approver will receive an email, , and can approve or reject the request at the click of a mouse, without the need of an Inbox account. Once approved or rejected, Lockstep Inbox will notify the requester and move the request to the next stage in the workflow.

Accounting Approvals

Lockstep Inbox’s new approvals feature is the answer to your approval woes. These enhanced features enable accounting teams to:

  • Manage invoice approvals for payment. This is important to make sure that the correct invoices are being paid, and that there are no mistakes.
  • Accelerate payment extension approvals. Ssometimes you may need to extend a payment due date, and this can be done through the new approvals module.
  • Faster invoice release approvals- once an invoice has been approved, it can be released for payment.
  • Streamline approvals with a single click – Approvers are not required to have / set up a Lockstep Inbox account, keeping your data secure and processes simple.

There are many other use cases for Lockstep Inbox’s approvals module, but these are just a few of the most important ones. The new approval module will save you time and hassle and make your job a lot easier!

Lockstep Inbox

Lockstep Inbox is changing the way accounting teams work, and this new feature is yet another example of that. So, if you’re looking for a better way to manage your approvals, look no further than Lockstep Inbox! Approvals have never been easier! Lockstep Inbox is the only shared accounting email tool that connects to both email and your accounting software (think QuickBooks Online or Sage Intacct). With a shared, connected accounting inbox, organization by customer and outstanding activities are built right into the product.