Halloween is just around the corner, and if you haven’t found your perfect costume yet, we have a few ideas. The best Halloween costumes are the funny ones, and what better way to show your humor than by poking fun at yourself.

Here are some of our favorite Halloween costume ideas for accountants.

They’re perfect for Halloween night or in the office.


If you’ve ever seen the hit TV show, The Office, you know Kevin, Oscar and Angela. The famous threesome is known for dealing with some big office blunders that end up hitting the accounting department hard. Dressing up as one of these three is sure to get some laughs.


Continuing with the comedy TV show accounting stars, dressing up as Ben Wyatt from Parks and Rec is another great choice. Ben Wyatt, the failed teen mayor turned accountant, is known to crack a few accounting puns throughout the series and is a huge hit with the guys from the local accounting firm, as seen in the video below.


You use it everyday and it is an easy accounting costume to create. Simply cut out some construction paper for the buttons and attach it to your shirt. Voila, Halloween costume for an accountant.


Everyone thinks it when they hear accountant, so why not embrace the stereotype on Halloween.


Jump into the future of accounting on Halloween by dressing up as cloud accounting software.


If you’re an accountant that loves using Lockstep Receivables, this is the perfect Halloween costume. Dress up as the logo of your favorite accounts receivable software.