It’s hard to imagine a world without email. It has become a part of everyday life for billions of people around the globe. Email is also widely used by businesses and organizations. It has replaced regular mail and telephone calls for many business processes. Email is what makes automation of business processes possible.

Power of Email Addresses         

Key master data is essential to business processes, but nothing is as important and useful as an email address for accounting.

  • An email address is a unique identity for an accounting department at a vendor or customer ( or No other company in the world will have the same email address.
  • With an email address you can communicate with any company on the globe. Virtually every company has an email address.
  • Email addresses allow you to automate communications, go paperless and initiate workflows. It makes office automation possible, eliminates inefficient manual tasks and increases cash flow. An email address is all you need to use automation.
  • Email address have the power to make profile management of vendor and customer master data a reality.

With an email address you can use automated solutions including:

  • Profile Management – Companies that use Profile Management have correct and complete vendor and customer master data, more efficient business processes and accelerated cash flow.
  • Onboarding Sequences– Onboarding can reduce operational and financial problems and improve efficiency.
  • Automated Communications – They enable more efficient, and effective communication to facilitate business processes.
  • Self-Service Portals – They make it easy for vendors and customers to manage their accounts, and you eliminate inefficient manual processes.

Email is the most valuable data you can have for accounting. Email addresses provide the ability to go digital, and automate your accounting processes and communication. Automated credit and collection solutions make it possible to use email addresses to go paperless and optimize automation.

Going paperless and automating business processes does not need to be an unrealistic goal. With a connected accounting solution for your AR and AP teams to coordinate work with customers and vendors, you can go digital and enjoy the benefits of office automation.

Lockstep, a leader in cloud-based connected accounting solutions, can help you boost productivity and optimize cash flow with:

  • Digital Onboarding – Collect master data directly from your customers and vendors
  • Accounting Inbox – Make it easy to divvy up work and track progress
  • Smart Automation – Automate menial task with accounting integration
  • Online Accounts – Give customers and vendors online access to their accounts

Lockstep is an experienced software partner that can help you increase efficiency and accelerate cash flow.

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