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Initial Collection Call Script

Hello, may I speak to Emily Brown? This is John Smith from Lockstep Collect. (Emily gets on the phone) Hi Emily, this is John Smith from Lockstep Collect calling about your balance due of $150.00 on invoice # 123. I am calling to find out if this invoice has been processed and the check mailed? STOP and wait and listen.

Some things Emily might say and how you can respond:

Excuse #1

We didn’t receive invoice #123…..
We sent a copy in the box with your order; did you receive your order?
I am just sending it to you attached to an email right now, can you check your email?

Excuse #2

The price on invoice #123 doesn’t match our PO so I can’t process this for payment.
I have a copy of your PO#432 here and you listed an incorrect price of $1.00 each when the correct price is $1.25 each. How can we correct your PO?
Did you receive the order? (Emily says yes) Great, can you process the invoice for the amount you are not disputing in the meantime? I will fax over a copy of our pricing agreement and the invoice. (Many times companies have special pricing that they agree to and have signed contracts to support this.

Excuse #3

The check is on Frank’s desk to be signed, he just hasn’t signed it yet and he is out today.
Can I have Frank’s direct number so I can leave him a voice mail? Get the number and call Frank and leave a message. Then pull out your credit application or contract and see who signed that, then give that person a call. Create some urgency about the payment so that it gets priority.
contact the salesman who made the sale and get that person involved in helping you to get paid.

Excuse #4

I do have the invoice but we are in a cash crunch and I don’t know when it will be paid.
Emily, I am sorry to hear that, but I have to report to my boss or supervisor this afternoon and let them know your intentions in regards to this past due invoice, so let’s come to an agreement on payment for this balance so that I can let them know your intentions at our meeting. Otherwise, your account will escalate out of my hands and my boss will be giving your boss a call about it.
Can you send a partial payment towards this invoice today so I can let my supervisor know you have made a payment towards this balance? Ask for 80% of the balance and work your way down from there. Confirm the payment agreement, and send a confirmation letter.

Collection Call #2 Script: Follow-Up

Hello. This is John Smith from the credit department at Lockstep Collect . I am calling to discuss Invoice 123. We haven’t received payment yet. We need to resolve this issue to assure that it doesn’t have a negative impact on our business relationship going forward. I reviewed the notes in our system and I see that we talked about this invoice earlier and there were no remaining issues for non-payment. Can you help me understand why we haven’t received a payment?
I completely forgot to make a payment, I am sorry and will do that now.
Thank you again for your assistance. Please let me know if there’s any way I can help you further. I’ve notified our accounting department to watch for your payment. Take care and have a great day. Goodbye.

Collection Call #3 Script: Follow-Up

I have called you twice regarding this issue. This matter is becoming increasingly important and we need to resolve this matter to ensure that we can continue providing quality products and services for your company . If we cannot resolve this issue then it could lead to a disruption in your services. Can you help me understand why the invoice hasn’t been paid?
Customer will explain why payment hasn’t been processed. This could be due to a dispute in which case you can refer to the Invoice Dispute call script. Escalate this immediately to senior management if there is a bigger reason why the customer won’t pay the past due balance. If there is no reason for non-payment and the customer says they will pay you.