The key to accounts receivable optimization is making sure that basic collection and AR processes are designed and working the way they should to achieve your KPIs. A central ingredient to optimizing accounts receivable processes is automation to reduce errors, increase efficiency and accelerate cash flow. Automation and good policies and procedures applied consistently are the solutions for optimizing your accounts receivable.

Here are 5 strategies for optimizing your accounts receivable processes.

Credit Approval Process

Credit approvals drive accounts receivable. They should be given priority rather than be reactive when an order can’t ship because of credit limits. Take the following steps to ensure that your credit approval process stays ahead of the curve.

  • Automate steps to speed up the process and be more efficient with online credit ratings; and work flow and online notes to facilitate communication.
  • Review policies and procedures to make sure they are what you need for your business.
  • Check that policies and procedures are applied on a consistent and timely basis.

Customer Master Files

The information in customer master files populate every transaction. If the customer information is wrong, automated systems may not process transactions or errors may occur resulting in disputes, cash flow delays and time wasted resolving discrepancies.

Optimize your accounts receivable processes by setting up customer files carefully, and reviewing files regularly to make sure they are current and correct.


Customer invoicing drives billing information and accounts receivable. Optimize invoicing by doing the following:

  • Automate to speed up invoicing, reduce errors, increase efficiency and accelerate cash flow.
  • Invoice as soon as possible. Delays result in errors, customer disputes and reduced cash flow.
  • Use electronic billing to expedite delivery of invoices.
  • Provide a customer portal for easy access to invoices, statements, bills of lading and online payment options.


Collections can be optimized by implementing the following:

  • Automate to send reminders electronically, and add online notes and work flow to facilitate collections.
  • Make sure policies and procedures are appropriate for your business.
  • Provide a customer portal for online payment options, notating disputes and indicating promises to pay.

Cash Application

You can optimize cash application by doing the following:

  • Automate to reduce errors and increase efficiency.
  • Integrate with customer portal for a seamless transaction from payment to your financial records.

Accounts receivable optimization is achievable by using these five strategies to fine-tune, monitor, and adjust processes. Automation is the central solution for successfully optimizing your accounts receivable.

The key to successful automation of accounts receivable and collection is to work with an experienced software partner.

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