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  • AR automation for PACA


Simplified collections for the agriculture industry From small family farms to national agricultural distributors, accounts receivable automation increases cash flow, lowers the amount of time you spend managing collections and helps eliminate bad debt.


The staffing industry is consistently growing. Despite the advent of job searching and professional networks like LinkedIn, businesses are still employing staffing companies in order to find the right employee. According to the American Staffing


Arguably one of the hardest industries to collect on unpaid invoices is the utilities industry. Everyone complains about paying their utilities bill, and often times customers will go delinquent. The utilities is usually the last


Currently, most transportation companies rely on either accounts receivable factoring services or freight invoice factoring to speed up their payment processes. However, a study conducted by Ernst and Young shows that services aren’t really working

  • AR automation for the advertising industry


In the advertising industry, accounts receivable have a bad track record. Studies show that a vast majority, 62 percent, are not getting paid on their invoices for over 60 days. Depending on the size of


Wholesale distribution is an ever increasing market that is facing a lot of global competition at lower margins. Between managing the supply chain, quality control and delivery dates, among other important processes, paying attention to


Working for a non-profit is a mighty cause, but it can also be a mighty challenge. Compared to accounting peers at for-profit organizations, a non-profit’s budget is much smaller and has less resources to work


Collecting from customers in the medical and healthcare industry isn’t simple. Due to many laws that are in place, whatever system you use for collections needs to be extremely secure. Trying to reach out to


Municipalities are probably one of the most difficult places to collect on unpaid bills. There’s a catch 22 that exists within in municipalities where citizens want the best of both worlds: no taxes, but more


In the manufacturing industry, you often have many customers with many invoices to send out. In fact, we’ve seen manufacturing companies with over 100 invoices to send just for one customers. If those invoices are


Among the many tasks that an attorney is faced with, billing clients usually falls to the back burner. The manual task of creating an invoice, crafting an email, sending it out to each individual customer


As an IT provider, you are often inundated with publishing updates, responding to support requests and maintaining other customer requests and complaints. Since a majority of the technology sector has switched over to a subscription


The concept of collecting on your accounts receivable quickly in order to maintain healthy cash flow is not new to those in financial institutions. Financial concepts are second nature in these businesses, however, that doesn’t


Unfortunately, the construction industry tends to get the short end of the stick when it comes to getting paid on time. They have some of the longest wait times to receive payment among all


Those that either develop or sell computer software are aware of the benefits of automation and using software to complete manual tasks. Chances are, you are constantly preaching this to customers. We are always


The typical rules of payment do not always apply to consultants. There is no product that you are simply trading for payment, instead you are giving up your time, energy and knowledge to a customer.


If you’re in the farming business, there isn’t a lot of time to be fretting over accounts receivable. A lot of hard work is put into growing and cultivating a farm, so nothing is more