Frequently Asked Questions.

What separates ATC from your competitors?

What type of industries can benefit from Lockstep Collect?

ROI from Lockstep Collect is available to any industry that extends credit. We’ve highlighted the benefits of Lockstep Collect in a few industries here, but if you don’t see yours listed, don’t sweat it. Lockstep Collect can still work for you, just ask!

What is the typical size for an Lockstep Collect customer?

Lockstep Collect works best for companies with at least one dedicated credit and collections professional. Reach out to us to see if your company is a good fit.

What’s a typical ROI with Lockstep Collect?

Our customers have experienced exponential success using Lockstep Collect. You can expect to see a tremendous amount of saved time, since you’re no longer performing manual tasks. Most of our customers see between 400 to 600 hours saved a year. Users of Lockstep Collect can expect to see their past due invoices cut in half and a decrease in their bad debt. Check out more of the ROI our customers have experienced here.

Does Lockstep Collect have a customer portal where my clients can pay invoices?

Yes, you can read about it here.

What accounting software does Lockstep Collect work with?

Lockstep Collect can work with virtually any system that allows the data to be extracted. To see a list of the ERP’s we currently work with, or how we can work with yours, click here.

What kind of training is provided to your users?

Our users have many different tools and resources available to them to learn how to most effectively use Lockstep Collect. Every license sold will include one-on-one, web based training with our accounts receivable experts. Each month, free training webinars and online users group forums are held for our users. Annually, Lockstep Collect holds an in-person user group to bring together our users to discuss upcoming enhancements and best practices. Lockstep Collect also makes available an online community forum, where customers can discuss best practices, tips and tricks and learn from each other in real time.

Will I receive software upgrades?

Lockstep Collect releases new upgrades at least once a month to all current subscribers.

What is Lockstep Collect’s Data Ownership and Privacy Policy?

Lockstep Collect’s customers retain 100% ownership over their own data and customer information. If the agreement is terminated, Lockstep Collect does not keep any of the data.

Technical Questions

How is Lockstep Collect Hosted?

Lockstep Collect can be hosted in a multi-tenant or single-tenant instance using Microsoft Azure for both the application and the database. Lockstep Collect Enterprise Edition also supports premise-based deployment of the application when installed on an internal Microsoft IIS Server connected to a Microsoft SQL database hosted inside a company’s domain. You can read more about our hosting here.

What is Lockstep Collect’s availability?

Since Lockstep Collect is hosted in partnership with Microsoft Azure, Lockstep Collect is extremely reliable and secure with 99.95% up-time with dynamic scalability and built-in redundancy. You can read more about our availability here.

Is Lockstep Collect secure and compliant?

Azure is also compliant with national, regional, global, and industry-specific requirements governing the collection, use, and security of data on the cloud. Compliance includes DISA Level 2, EU Model Clauses, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, FedRAMP, FERPA, FIPS 14-2, FISC, FISMA, HIPAA/HITECH, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27018, PCI-DSS, SOC 1-3, UK G-Cloud, and certified compliance with many other organizations. More information about Microsoft Azure security, privacy, and compliance is available in the Microsoft Azure Trust Center.

What are your DR (Disaster Recovery), Redundancy & backup plans?

Lockstep Collect and Microsoft Azure have Disaster Recovery, Redundancy and backup plans in place to safeguard against interrupted service. Lockstep Collect Data is automatically backed up on a geo-redundant storage with full, differential and transaction log backups for a 5-10 minute Point-in-time restore for 35 days. Lockstep Collect takes advantage of both Microsoft Azure’s world class data centers as part of the Disaster Prevention plans. Facility security, Network security, Environmental conditioning, Power conditioning and redundancy, encryption of data.

Does your application support multi-factor authentication options for user access?

Yes, Lockstep Collect offers multi-factor authentication through both passwords and SMS text options.

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