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Unlock the secret to DSO reduction with the #1 AR Automation Platform.

Feeling these pains?

  • Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) > 40
  • Past Due > 10%
  • Collections focused on > 60 days past due
  • Using Outlook/Excel to manage collections
  • Constant cash flow updates
  • Ill-prepared for remote work

Put simply, Lockstep Collect helps organizations reduce their DSO and increase their bank balance in 4 ways:

  • Automated customer communication
  • Customer self-service
  • Collections activity management
  • Remote capabilities

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Want to lower your DSO now? Powered by a rules-based sequencing engine, Lockstep Collect provides automated customer communications, an online customer payment portal, and an accounting service desk all of which makes your bank balance bigger.

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Lockstep Collect is a great tool for us collectors to make it easy for all who are faced with working from home for the time being. Stay home and use Lockstep Collect!!! 😊

Linda Boucher, Credit Manager