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“It’s been surreal watching the API we started with grow and become connected to a website front-end completely made by my fellow interns.”

– Charlie Taylor, Lockstep Intern, Summer 2021

Gain Meaningful Experience through an Engineering Internship with Lockstep

In Summer 2021, Lockstep introduced our first internship for software engineers. We were amazed at the response our program received from the academic community, and grateful for the opportunity to welcome our first class of interns. It’s very rewarding to guide engineers early in their careers on how to be effective while programming within a business setting, as well as a sizable team environment.

What can you expect from a Lockstep Software Engineering internship?

The Lockstep engineering team is filled with talented senior engineers, each of whom got their start thanks to a mentor who guided us and gave them opportunities early in their career. This program is Lockstep’s way of giving back to the next generation of engineers.

“When I started my internship, I knew nothing about database access, API building, or back-end development, and now I’m working on new API features and endpoints daily. It’s been surreal watching the API we started with grow and become connected to a website front-end completely made by my fellow interns.”

Charlie Taylor, Lockstep Intern, Summer 2021

Interested in applying for our Fall 2021 Internship? Applications are open through August 9.

The Application Process

The fall 2021 internship program is open to candidates now. Here is the timeline for our process:

  • July 26: Applications are open. If interested, submit your application and complete an interview questionnaire regarding your experience.
  • August 9: Candidates that have passed Lockstep’s basic screening will be sent an invitation to complete a coding test to demonstrate your software programming skills. This coding test is provided by CodinGame, a tool that provides an excellent assessment of programming skills through a videogame-like platform.
  • August 23: The top scoring applicants on this programming test will be invited to attend a 30-minute virtual interview with senior staff. Interviews will take place through September 6.
  • September 6: All offer letters to accepted interns will be sent.
  • September 13: Internship start date!

The Internship Experience

Kicking off on September 13, interns will work with the Lockstep team to enhance their skills in a dynamic team environment! The internship itself will be structured in segments:

  • September 13 – 24: A two-week onboarding experience, during which the intern will learn about Lockstep, set up their equipment, and learn about our engineering practices. During this time, interns will begin writing test suites for simple tasks and participate in code reviews with senior engineers. If successful, interns may see their code ship as part of the Lockstep App Store.
  • September 27 – October 8: A two-week project design and prototyping period, in which interns will receive project assignments based on their interests and experience. During this time, they will be encouraged to research, experiment, and develop solutions for problems related to their project.
  • October 11 – November 19: Interns will participate in six weeks of development work focused on the project, under supervision and with the assistance of senior engineers.
  • November 29 – December 10: To conclude the internship, interns will document their work, share knowledge with Lockstep engineers, and receive career counseling and advice.

“If there’s one thing I want to pass onto future interns, it’s to always look ahead for room where you can grow. Having said that, don’t feel afraid to pick up the hard tickets. Taking on something that you aren’t completely comfortable with allows you to ask smart questions and get feedback from the senior developers.”

Loc Chuong, Lockstep Intern, Summer 2021

At Lockstep, we evaluate interns in terms of four criteria

  • Impact – The work done by an intern should deliver real business value.

  • Initiative – Interns will develop the ability to work independently and show initiative in discovering solutions for problems.
  • Quality – The code produced by an intern should be robust, well-tested, and easy to read.
  • Teamwork – An intern is a productive member of the team who collaborates well with others.

Our goal is to help you start your engineering career in the best possible way: by leading a project and seeing that project succeed. Whether you spend your career with Lockstep or another great organization, we want you to be proud of the time you spent here with us. We know we will be proud of you.