“Lockstep Collect is a great tool for us collectors to make it easy for all who are faced with working from home for the time being.” – Linda Boucher, Credit Manager

If you’re concerned about the impact of remote work on your collections process, you’re not alone. 54% of business leaders said working from home would have a significant to extremely high impact on their finance team’s productivity. Because remote work has become critical to business continuity in the current environment, Lockstep Collect’s publisher wants to help you.

Some of our customers have been on a remote work model for years and over the last year so have we. Our internal experts discussed the evolution of remote work and how to implement it successfully in collections.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how to:
– Obtain the right collections tools for remote work.
– Unlock the keys to productivity in remote collections.
– Manage collections activities of a remote team successfully.
– Promote simple changes customers can make to help remote collections.

As we all work through this time of uncertainty, sharing best practices and lessons learned between companies can be one of the best ways to help each other.

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