Understanding DSO

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) is a widely used method to help evaluate how effective a company is at collecting receivables. This metric is used to measure the average number of days it takes a company

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Collections Representative

What is a collections representatives? A collections representative does the brunt of hard work in the accounts receivable department. These are people that are actively calling and emailing accounts to attempt to collect from past

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What is a Controller? A controller is the head of an accounting department in the company and is in charge of all those within the accounting department, such as accounts payable clerks, accounts receivable clerks

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Credit Manager

What is a Credit Manager? A credit manager plays a vital role in a business’ accounting and accounts receivable department. If a business works on credit terms with other businesses, the credit manager is the

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Bill of Lading

If you’re in the transportation and logistics industry, you’ll be pretty familiar with the Bill of Lading. A bill of lading is a contractual agreement with a company and their client. All of the terms

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Trade Credit Report

Many B2B businesses are offering credit terms to customers in order to purchase products. Especially when a business is purchasing an extremely costly item, allowing customers to pay for a product or service later creates

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