Invoice disputes are not fun to deal with. In most cases we simply cross our fingers that they don’t occur, but that is not always the best defense. In case an invoice dispute does come across your desk, you should be prepared with a plan of action. If you’re not tackling invoice disputes with a set call script, the processes can become unorganized and less disputes will be resolved in a time effective manner. Below, we give you a sample invoice dispute call script for three common scenarios below.

All good collection calls should begin the same way:
Hello my name is Lindsey from the credit department of e2b teknologies. I am calling to discuss invoice number 00001 that was due on July 1st. We are showing a past due balance of $2,500. I don’t see a payment in our system for this invoice. Can you help me understand why it has not been paid?

Once the excuse is given, check the scenarios below for further guidance:

Scenario Number 1: Forgot

Explains that they forgot, but they have the invoice and everything is correct.

I understand, that can happen to the best of us. Thanks for all your help today. Do you have a date when we can expect payment?

Scenario Number 2: Already Paid Invoice

I don’t see a payment for your company in our system. Did you pay via check, online bill pay or ACH and when was the payment sent?

Explains when they paid and how

Thank you for this information. It looks like the payment wasn’t recorded on our end so I will be sure to check back in a couple days to see if it has been received. I will contact you if the payment is still not showing as received because that may mean there is a problem with the payment.

Scenario Number 3: Didn’t Receive Invoice

I’m sorry you never received it. Can you verify the email address so I can resend the invoice to you?

Verifies email address. If it is not the same as your system, correct it. If it is the same, resend it. Make sure to keep the customer on the call with you and verify they have received it once resent. Remind them that it could be stuck in their spam or junk folder and to add your email address to their safe senders list.

Glad you have received it. Thanks for all your help, do have a date we can expect to receive payment on?

Once you get off the phone with the customer about the invoice dispute, be sure to add the communication notes into your accounts receivable software. Enter in a follow-up date for the next call and leave the issue as unresolved.

There are many more invoice dispute scenarios than covered here. Make sure to have a call script ready for every common invoice dispute possibility.