The benefits of having 100% digital collections are substantial for both you and your customer. Lower costs, increased efficiency, convenience and the ability to work remotely are strong incentives to get late adopters on board with digital collections. The challenge in achieving 100% customer participation is finding the right solutions to motivate late adopters.

Late adopters resist change and are often technology challenged. Given the opportunity they will opt not to change. You need to be creative and persistent in finding ways to nudge stubborn late adopters to use digital collections.

Here are some suggestions to bring late adopters on board with digital collections.

Create Incentive

Offer an incentive to late adopters to pay via ACH or credit card. It doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s the idea that is important. Some incentive ideas might include:

  • Entry to a drawing to win a cash prize
  • Donation to a well-known non profit
  • A small gift
  • Discount on future purchase

This may be just enough to convert some late adopters to digital payment.

Regular Reminders

Send regular email reminders to pay in your online portal. Include messages pointing out the benefits of digital payments such as:

  • Lower cost – save costs of processing, postage, envelopes, checks and bank fees of as much as $3-4 per payment compared to less than $1 for online payments.
  • Convenience – digital payments can be made anytime from anywhere.
  • Eco-friendly – online payments are much friendlier to the environment compared to the paper and energy used in snail mail.

Video Documentation

Resend documentation including a video on how to use your online portal to late adopters. It’s a good reminder. A video can help technology challenged customers to overcome their fear and apprehension.

Magic Link

The easier it is to use your online portal the more likely late adopters will use it. Difficulty signing on to your portal can easily discourage a new user. Magic link capability can make it a hassle free experience to sign on to your payment portal. With magic link customers don’t need to remember passwords and logins to access your customer portal.


Make your online portal easy to access. Include hyperlinks to your payment portal on invoice emails and reminders. Hyperlinks will help encourage late adopters to use your customer portal.

Converting late adopters to online payment will help you achieve 100% digital collections. Increased efficiency, reduced costs, increased cash flow and the ability to support remote work make it worth the effort to bring late adopters on board with digital collections.

Cloud-based credit and collection platforms provide the solutions you need to take full advantage of online collections.

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