Thanks to increases in technology, we live in a “now” society. We want everything as quickly as possible, including our money. This is one reason why the customer payment portal was created. Instead of waiting on snail mail or to check a cash, you can get paid right away. However, even with how wonderful it sounds, many still aren’t convinced about how easy it is to get paid through a customer payment portal. Below are 4 benefits of a customer payment portal that make getting paid faster and easier.


Life becomes a whole lot easier when customers are no longer calling you to have their credit card processed or find out how much their invoice is worth. Customers can simply click on a link that takes them into their personalized and secure customer payment portal and enter in their information to pay the invoice, all on their own.


Consider how long it takes for a letter to get sent through the mail. In the age of the internet and technology, it honestly feels like forever. Instead of waiting for the invoice to be sent via snail mail to the customer and the customer to respond by sending a check in the mail, you can receive payment almost immediately when using a customer payment portal.


Companies spend thousands of dollars on paper every single year. Why print invoices to send to the customer when it can be sent paperless through a customer payment portal? If a customer need copies of old invoices, instead of printing and sending them a stack of invoices they can access all their old invoices online in the customer payment portal.


When a customer is required to send in payment, they are limited to their payment options. Checks and cash may not always be the most efficient option for you or your customer. Using a customer payment portal gives customers more choices, between cash, check, ACH or credit card. More choices means more customers will be able to pay on time.

A customer payment portal simply makes the payment process easier for you and your customers. Customers are able to access the portal on their convenience and make payment immediately. You will be able to save money and save time by implementing a customer payment portal.