Many professionals in the accounting field are afraid of automation. They are afraid that they could one day be replaced by a piece of software. Instead of viewing accounts receivable automation as a threat, however, many professionals need to start viewing it as progress. Embracing accounts receivable automation is an opportunity for the accounts receivable department to grow beyond the typical manual processes.

Before accounts receivable automation, many accounts receivable professionals were focused on manual tasks. Manual tasks can be seen as anything that takes hand and finger use. Whether this is manual data entry, stuffing and licking envelopes, sending emails to individual customers or other repetitive tasks. These are day-to-day activities that have to continue in order for the accounts receivable department to function, but don’t necessarily need to be done by a human.

This is where accounts receivable automation comes in to help professionals progress. Accounts receivable professionals are not just hands and fingers that can mindlessly do tasks all day. They bring experience, expertise, personal skills and a brain. Accounts receivable automation will never be able to replace the personal experience that a human can bring to the accounts receivable process. Customers are more likely to pay someone that they have a connection to and feel responsible to pay. Accounts receivable professionals need to hammer the phones and build these relationships. This is only possible if their day is free of tedious, manual tasks.

Coupled with accounts receivable automation, the accounts receivable department can become one of the strongest assets of a company. Manual tasks can continue day-to-day thank to automation, while accounts receivable professionals use their expertise and knowledge to add value to the workplace. They can become creative in their collection process to ensure all customers are paying on, or even before, time.