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using spreadsheets?
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Lockstep® Inbox streamlines your accounting workflows, increases your productivity, and eliminates paper and PDFs from your work stream for free.

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Lockstep Inbox connects your email and accounting system allowing you to prioritize customer and vendor communications, automate reminders, and visualize key accounting metrics.

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Accounting Activity

Monitor your accounting KPIs and proactively identify the next best activity for customers or vendors with actionable reports.

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Activity Streams
& Collaboration.

Ensure nothing falls through the cracks with powerful, zero-admin workflow to manage and track the teams’ accounting emails, phone calls, and to-dos.

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Capture & Send
Financial Data.

Save time by communicating with vendors and customers in one click with an email that is integrated with your accounting software.

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Connect with Customers
& Vendors Fast.

Enables a 360-degree view of customer and vendor activity history.

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Shared Team

Complete assignments faster through efficiencies and collaboration in a single tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lockstep Inbox really free?
Yes, Lockstep Inbox is 100% free. We will never charge you or ask for a credit card for you to access Lockstep Inbox.

Why is Lockstep Inbox free?

We developed Lockstep Inbox with a free subscription plan because we want to remove access barriers for accounting teams and make their work easier and more fulfilling.

Is my data secure?

Yes, Lockstep Inbox is certified as SOC II compliant which means your data is safe.  Our solutions are used by hundreds of companies to be absolutely accurate.

How does my data get into Lockstep Inbox?

Lockstep Inbox integrates directly with your accounting system and email pulls data on your invoices, payments, and contacts. 

How and how often does data sync with Lockstep Inbox?

The data is synced every 24 hours automatically, but users can run a sync at any time if they would like to see the most up to date data. The data is synced through an API connection with your accounting system.
Does Lockstep Inbox replace my existing AR or AP email?
No, it does not! Lockstep Inbox connects directly to your existing email addresses allowing you to send and receive emails from Lockstep Inbox with minimal changes to your existing processes.

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