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Lockstep Inbox gives your accounting team superpowers by connecting your email and accounting software!

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Lockstep Inbox is more than email, spreadsheets, and document management – Explore the power of an inbox that connects with your email and accounting system.


Email, Spreadsheets, and

Document Management Applications 

Lockstep Inbox
Accounting Email Templates 
Intuitive Multi-step Workflow 
Task Assignment and Tracking 
Automated Follow-up Tracking 
Internal and Call Notes 
Vendor and Customer Contact Management 
Accounting/ERP Integration 
360-degree view of Customers and Vendors 
Global search 
Approval Management 
AR and AP Dashboard 
Automated Document Management 
Operational Insights 

Designed with Love by Accounting Professionals for Accounting Professionals.

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AP and AR

Be proactive with accounting KPIs and actionable reports on customer and vendor status.

Intuitive Workflow.

Ensure nothing falls through the cracks with powerful, zero-admin workflow that tracks your open, follow-up, and scheduled activities.

collections screenshot
self service screenshot

Email Templates.

Save time by communicating with vendors and customers in one click with accounting email templates that auto-fill based on your accounting data.

Customer and
Vendor History.

Respond quickly with a searchable history of all AR and AP communications, contacts, documents, and transactions.

cash management screenshot
forecasting screenshot

Shared Team

Maximize your accounting team’s impact with assignments that divvy up the work.

Designed with Love by Accounting Professionals for Accounting Professionals.

As a small agency I am constantly managing dozens of concurrent workflows, often spending several hours on invoicing each month. Lockstep Inbox not only saves me time, it
also allows me to track and manage communication streams with each of my clients. As a business owner, being able to streamline my processes through Lockstep Inbox is invaluable.


Pipit Communications

Frequently Asked Questions

One email address that can be used and searched by multiple people. As opposed to a personal accounting inbox, where customer and vendor correspondence becomes siloed, meaning you cannot work together as a team.
Yes, Lockstep Inbox is 100% free. Over time, we will have add-ons to provide even more automation, but we will never charge you for the base product.
No, it does not. Lockstep Inbox directly connects your existing email addresses, allowing you to send and receive emails from Lockstep Inbox with minimal changes to your existing processes. Read more about this topic, here
Yes, Lockstep Inbox is certified as SOC II and GDPR compliant which means your data is safe.  Our accounting solutions are used by hundreds of companies to be absolutely accurate.
Lockstep Inbox integrates directly with your accounting system and email pulls data on your invoices, payments, and contacts.
As a company grows, the team grows. Leveraging a shared accounting inbox allows you to:
    – Do everything in one app instead of four.
    – Search for everything (documents, emails, invoices, and more).
    – No more cutting and pasting between your email and your accounting system.

Creating your account is as easy as 1-2-3.
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Save one day a week with Lockstep Inbox.

Trust Your Data
Lockstep is certified as SOC II compliant, which means your data is always safe. Our solutions are trusted by 100’s of companies.