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Connect Lockstep Collect to your accounting solution and improve cash flow 31% or more, decrease your DSO and increase your working capital. Schedule a customized AR automation evaluation with one of our product specialists by filling in the form.

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Lockstep Collect integrates with your accounting
system to improve cashflow in five ways.

On average, Lockstep Collect customers see a 20x ROI by investing in automated collections management. Schedule a demo to see how you can do the same!

  • Automated Customer Communication
    Deliver personalized, timely accounts receivable communication to every customer based on the status of their invoices.
  • Customer Self-service
    Give customer online access to invoices, payments, and communications to save time for everyone.
  • Collections Activity Management
    Focus your team on the next best activity and give them 360-degree view of customers to complete activities faster.
  • Accounts Receivable Reporting & Cash Forecasting
    Get a complete, accurate, up-to-the minute view of your receivables in perfect synchronization with your ERP.
Lockstep Collect Cash Forecasting

“We had a small team, and we were experiencing significant growth over the past 7 years. We needed to figure out how to scale and minimize headcount growth while improving our DSO. Our DSO was at 72. During the last year even in the midst of a pandemic, we brought it down to 64 beating our goal of 65 with Lockstep Collect.”

Manager of AR, Revenue and Treasury, AmSpec

Through AR automation, you can automate over 90% of your customer communications and be up and running in weeks 100% remotely.

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