The platform for accounting teams, developers, and fintechs to share accounting data at the center of all business.

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Accounting data is at the center of all business.

Get paid faster and easier with Lockstep AR automation software.

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The easy, modern platform for developing financial and accounting applications.

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The first automated email inbox, designed exclusively for accounting teams.

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For Accounting Teams

Lockstep applications automate accounts receivable and accounts payable workflows to improve your operational efficiency and cash flow.
Increased Efficiency. Faster Payments.
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For Fintech Developers

Lockstep API is the easy, modern accounting API platform for building fintech applications that work with your customer’s existing systems.

Integrates with over 85% of the world’s leading financial systems.

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The Future of Automation Between Accounting Teams

Improve cashflow, decrease your DSO and increase your working capital with accounts receivable automation.

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