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Connected Accounting Series

Every month we host our Connected Accounting Series where you can learn from your peers about their collections automation journey. Check out of featured videos here.

AmSpec, Global Testing

GHJ, Accounting Firm

Video Library

AR Email Automation Best Practices

How correct contact data lowers your DSO

AR Best Practices in the New Normal

Digital Transformation of AR

Credit Risk Management Best Practices

Email Best Practices for Collections

AR Automation Benchmarks

3P’s of Collections Activity Management

Accounts Receivable Benchmark Report

Keys to Collections Efficiency

Prepare Your AR Team for Remote Work

Customer Self-Service in Your AR Workflows

The Secret to Reducing DSO: Part 1

The Secret to Reducing DSO: Part 2

The Secret to Reducing DSO: Part 3

Empower Your Team for Collections Success

Feeling the impact of the new normal?

Remote working is becoming the new normal. Finance professionals – and indeed the rest of the workforce – are grappling to maintain communication, collaboration and productivity. Take your collections 100% digital and be up and running in weeks.

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