The #1 AR automation platform for the logistics industry.

Over 2 million invoiced companies and 1.2+ million invoices and payments processed monthly with Lockstep Collect.

Automation delivers an average of 29% reduction in invoice processing costs, which can translate to $300,000 per year for an organization that processes up to 10,000 invoices per month.

A transportation accounts receivable software can do a lot to get you paid faster, while decreasing the amount of man power and third-party solutions needed. Most companies implementing a transportation accounts receivable software see a return on investment in about two months. So where do you start when choosing transportation accounts receivable software?

Users increase on-time collection by 80% or more with:

  • Automated Email.

  • Customizable Advanced Sequences.

  • Invoice Dispute Automation.

  • Automated Collection Calls.

  • Advanced Executive Reporting Tools.

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