Paperless billing that accelerates payments and saves the environment, too!

Streamline your billing and collections with online account access for customers to accelerate payment timeliness and accuracy. Already a Lockstep customer? Get started now!

Why Paperless Billing?

Finance teams today face many challenges, but one of the biggest hurdles towards digitization is the lack of current and accurate customer email data. This email data gap creates increased paper processes for the finance team, slower response and payment times, increased DSO, and more manual work.

Eliminate paper invoices, envelopes and checks from your AR workflow with Lockstep Receivables. In four easy clicks, your customers can ditch the paper and go online to see their invoices and make payments.

Enhance the customer experience and ease-of-use with secure, password-free online account access, while being eco-friendly.

Easy Customer

Paperless billing sign-up form is a pain-free way to get all the missing emails from customers.

Improved Customer

Give customers a secure passwordless online access to their accounts to get information they need to pay you and close their books.


Online payments can be done on demand or scheduled to get cash in your bank account faster.


With fewer customer phone calls and emails to answer, you can save a lot of time for other activities.

Environmental Impact

By reducing paper usage, companies can have a direct impact on lowering their carbon footprint, decreasing CO2 emissions.

With a customer base of 25,000 customers, we would have to have an extremely large staff to accomplish the same level of interaction Lockstep provides. Additionally, we can be sure that with the templates, we are communicating with a consistent branded message each time we touch the customer – It’s been a total transformation on cash flow.

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Why Lockstep?
Learn why Paperless Billing should be a priority, today!

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Read more to learn how automation and self-service eliminated the need for “folding parties” to send out over 4,500 invoices a month at State Systems.

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