More than just a career at Lockstep.
Come join us with positions in Asia-Pacific.

Help us in our mission to connect the world’s finance teams together.

What We Believe

Connection has the power to solve problems. We know that a connected finance world is more than a way to save expenses — it’s a way to maximize human value, make businesses smarter and more intentional, and enable teams near and far to reach new heights.

   Who We Are

Lockstep’s mission is to connect the world’s finance teams to help them work better together.

   What We Do

We are an award-winning software-as-a-service finance automation workflow company. Our products connect the data between financial systems and accounting departments, freeing them from daily, manual, mundane tasks.

We Love
Finance Teams.

Finance teams are an essential function of every business, yet in many ways these teams have been left behind by the digital transformation of the last 30 years. We’re here to fix that.

We Are All
In This Together.

At Lockstep, you’re not just a number, you’re family. Lockstep is growing leaps and bounds, creating new opportunities to learn and build amazing things. The team is honest, straight-forward, and because we all have a literal stake in the company, we work together to make the company flourish.

We Are Here
To Win.

Life is short and we aren’t going to waste a drop. We want to bring meaning and make a difference at everything we do. This means doing work that matters, committing to our vision and making it real. But that doesn’t mean sacrificing work/life balance. We love our families and our work is a way to honor and care for them. If we spend time away from our families, we insist that it matters. We have a shared commitment to each other to do work that matters and to be great at doing it.

We Build Services
Customers Love.

The essential way we win is by DELIGHTING customers.We want to build an experience that customers love: one they can’t wait to tell their friends about. We think of this not just in our software, but in every aspect of our customers’ experience.

If this resonates with you. Gets you excited. Come join us. Help us in our mission to connect the world’s finance teams together.