Communicating with customers today is all about sending messages through channels that your customers prefer to use, so they will actually open, read and respond to the messages. The question is which communication channel you should choose.

The choice of a channel should not be limited to a one size fits all approach. Depending on customer preferences, one set of customer may prefer one channel over another. The only way to be sure you will be successful in reaching all your customers is to take a multi-channel approach by using multiple automated channels including:

  • Automated emails
  • SMS text messaging
  • Phone (auto-dialer/self-service)

Using a multi-channel approach in collections works bests because it covers all the reasons why customers prefer using one channel over another. Here are some reason why every accounts receivable department should be taking a multi-channel approach.


Be easy to communicate with. Give your customer the ability to respond to you when, where and with whatever communications device they prefer. Customers want to be able to transact business anywhere, not just the office. They want to pay bills when it is convenient, not just from 9-5. Customers don’t want to be tied to one communications device, or they simply prefer one device over another. A multi-channel approach makes it possible for customers to communicate by computer, smart phone or conventional phone. Convenience will increase response rates and collection of accounts receivable.


As much as you might like to speak with a customer to increase collections and provide customer service, many customers simply don’t want to take the time to answer phone calls, or for that matter, open emails or respond to letters. They want quick and easy self-service options to pay their bills when and where they choose. Using multi-channel communications with self-service options will increase your collections.


With a multi-channel approach to collections you can provide online and automated phone payment capability. Emails and text messages can include links to secure payment portals. Incoming calls can be programmed with auto-dialer/self-service including a dial option for payments. Multi-channel payment options reduce the excuses for not paying and help to increase collections.


A multi-channel approach to collections will reduce the amount of time your staff would otherwise spend on routine collections. The time saved can be spent on more important collection accounts.


A multi-channel approach to collections is low cost way to increase customer responses and collections.

Customers who read and respond to your communications are more likely to pay their bills on time. A multi-channel approach to collections will increase customer responses and collections.

Automated accounts receivable and collection software with multi-channel communication capability is available from Lockstep Collect, a leader in cloud-based and premises-based software solutions made especially for businesses selling on credit.

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