“Lockstep Collect is the best thing to happen to us in the current circumstances. We don’t know where we would be with out it. We can keep sales going with online payments, while we deliver curb side pick ups.” – Contractor paint supplier

Accelerate customer payments with Lockstep Collect’s Service Desk. How often do you hear ‘Can you resend the invoice?’, or ‘We never received your invoice…’. Your inbox is a to-do list generated by customers, but what if they could take care of the task themselves. It would save you time and let you focus on high-priority work.

What’s great about Lockstep Collect’s service desk is that is eliminates email from your inbox and let’s customers access their own invoices anytime they want. Check out our on-demand video for a quick showcase of the Service Desk as we walk through how customers can:

  • Make a payment.

  • Send a message.

  • Dispute an invoice. 

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