Successful collections are dependent on your ability to reach your customer with a message that gets their attention and results in prompt payment of past due invoices. Email messages are a key part of customer communication, but they often fail to reach customers because of SPAM filters, or the subject line does not catch the interest of the customer. In which case, the email is not opened and read.

Reaching customers with an email message that is actually opened and read is more challenging in the new normal. Customers may be understaffed or not fully operational. Professionals have more than 200 emails in their inbox. They receive 120 new ones each day but answer only 25% of them.

Many businesses in highly impacted industries are delaying payments and stretching accounts payable to conserve cash until the economy recovers. You need to get your email through SPAM filters and grab the attention of your customer. Subject lines are one way to grab attention, but they are limited by their size.

Preview text is another tool you can use to increase the chances that your emails will catch your customer’s attention and be opened and read.

Preview Text

  • Preview text can be 75-100 words – more than you get out of a subject line. It is displayed underneath the sender’s name and subject line in a subscriber’s inbox.
  • Studies suggest that preview text can increase click-through up to 30%.
  • If you leave preview text blank, many email clients like Outlook and Gmail will simply insert the first line of the email itself.
  • Preview text should include:
    • What the email is about
    • Why it is valuable/important to the reader
    • What action they should take

Preview Text Examples

Anytime Collect Collection Email Preview Text
Anytime Collect Collection Email Preview Text

Preview text is another tool you can use to increase the likelihood that emails will grab your customers’ attention and be opened and read. Automated credit and collection solutions can help you overcome collections barriers, and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your collections.

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