Accounts receivable software is a market that, until just recently, has started to take off. Search on any reviews website and you’ll find dozens of different accounts receivable software companies to choose from. As a consumer, this makes things a bit more confusing. What company do you choose and is it the best fit for you? As the trend for automation catches on in the accounts receivable department, more companies will start popping up with promises for automation, increased collections and less effort.

Lockstep Collect has been around long before the market grew to become what it is today. In 2008, a decade ago, Lockstep Collect was developed by e2b teknologies. Originally, it was called “ARM” and created as an accounts receivable collections module for Sage 500 ERP. However, the need for automation in credit and collections was clear and the solution grew quickly from there.

The next year, ARM is rebranded as Anytime collect and launched as a stand-alone product outside of Sage 500. By 2010, Lockstep Collect is deployed as a cloud solution using Microsoft Azure. Shortly after, the team at e2b teknologies expands the integration of Lockstep Collect from Sage 500 to include Sage 100, Sage 50, Sage 300 and QuickBooks.

In 2012, Lockstep Collect reaches a private label agreement with Epicor and the product is now sold as Epicor Cash Collect for Epicor users. The product continued to expand as Lockstep Collect’s customer base grew. True to Lockstep Collect’s mission, we continue to listen to our customers to know where to take the product next. In 2014, we launched our customer portal for our client’s customers to pay invoices online and view statements and documents.

In 2015, Lockstep Collect made a large global expansion to Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We introduced four new languages in British English, Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew. Today, Lockstep Collect continues to expand to integrate to many more ERP systems to serve more customers around the world including Netsuite, Sage Intacct, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Oracle, SAP and Salesforce.

In 2016, Lockstep Collect launched our first ever monthly virtual user group. This gives us a chance to listen to our customers even more intently on the features and functionality they need to become more efficient in their collections efforts. New and additional features born out of our users group include phone call management, auto-payments, business intelligence dashboards and other campaigns. Lockstep Collect’s first in-person user group launched in 2018, giving customers even more training and input in the software.

Since Lockstep Collect has been around for so long, the engineers, developers and consultants have been able to build a robust system. They have seen many different use cases and have built the software to handle all of them, while still being user friendly. So, even as the accounts receivable software market becomes saturated, Lockstep Collect will still be here as it has been for a decade listening to customers and building a platform that you truly need.