One of the most important tasks of accounts receivable is invoicing. If you’re not sending out invoices, your customers don’t know what is due and then they’re not making payments. Your timing of when you send out the invoices can make or break whether you get paid on time. If you’re using Sage Intacct, adding an invoicing software to your accounts receivable process only makes your business stronger and more likely to achieve total growth.

So, what features should be included in the Sage Intacct invoicing software you choose? There are many different options available in the Sage Intacct Marketplace, but it can be difficult to decide which one is the right fit for your company. The following features will ensure that your invoices are presented correctly and sent out in a timely fashion to get paid on time and that customers can easily make payments with minimal roadblocks.


The way your invoice looks can make a huge difference in whether you will get paid on time, or at all. Information like where to remit to, invoice balance and due date should be clearly made available on the invoice. However, with Sage Intacct Invoicing Software, you can go even deeper than that. The application you choose should have the ability to customize these forms based on entity information and conditional formatting. Using Sage Intacct Invoice Software, you should be able to add your logo to the invoice form easily and automatically.


Sending out emails individually to every customer with their invoices attached can take up an entire day’s worth of time. Sage Intacct Invoicing Software should send these emails out for you automatically. By simply creating a workflow, customers can automatically be added to a queue to receive their invoice via email and any newly added customers will be automatically added, as well. This takes the pressure off the accounts receivable team to be sending out invoices and allows them to focus on making collection calls and managing an analysis on trouble accounts.


Customers shouldn’t feel like they have to jump through hoops in order to make a payment on their invoices. Online bill pay should be available in the Sage Intacct Invoicing Software you choose. This feature allows customers to have instant access to all the documents associated with their account, such as past due invoices, upcoming invoices, paid invoices, purchase orders and more. The automated email communications sent out can include a link, taking them directly to the online bill pay portal to make a payment via ACH or credit card. This allows customers to pay as easily as the click of one button, eliminating the steps associated with opening paper invoices or writing a check.

There are many more features available with Sage Intacct Invoicing Software that can help you to get paid faster, like invoice dispute and credit risk management. Take the time to vet out all the available applications for accounts receivable in the marketplace to ensure it will fully cover the needs of your business.